Away….but now back


For those who noticed *ahem not me* I hear you mutter, I have been away for a few days.

I took time away from technology mostly my phone which I switched off for 5 days.

It’s been a refreshing experience and one I will do again no doubt.

During my time away I am humbled to have reached 100 followers. A MAHOOOOSIVE thank you to all of you and special thanks to the ones who actually read my random crap 😉

Before going on my phone sabbatical, I was nominated for a couple of awards *I know I can’t believe it too! I bet they don’t read my stuff either 😊*

I will soon recognise these awards and hollow in self glory very soon.

I now have to catch up with what you all have been up to in blogland, I bet it is amazing.


The feisty lady



The king, he ruled, with an iron fist,

nothing got past him, there was not one thing  that he missed.


A law was passed that all the women in the land were his,

created for his pleasure, they must remain unblemished.


But one feisty young lady, with a mind that was all her own,

challenged this law and the king she wished to disown.


Undeterred she took up a sword and headed for the palace,

intent on causing the king misery and much malice.


Happiness could be seen in her smile as she swung the sword at the king,

off came his head, much joy to her it did bring.


The king was dead and so the law was abolished,

a perfect day for the feisty heroine for what she had accomplished.

© C Webber 2017




Morning Elixir


Misty mornings, cloud up my opening part,
I need a caffeine filled beverage to give my heart a jump start.

So I flick on the kettle whilst rubbing my eyes,
get out a mug, a spoon, ready to baptise.

A spoon full of elixir enters my cup,
2 sweet sugars and milk to enhance, boiling water fill it up.

Give it a stir, as my senses do too,
this smell from heaven, is this what the gods do?

So I sip up my drink and awaken my soul,
a coffee before anything, my life giving goal.

© C Webber 2017

Dandelion wishes….


Fresh air cleanse my soul,
Fill my intoxicated lungs a new.

Close my eyes with past aromas,
Smile adorns, oh fresh air.

Bring me back to life,
A sniff of me, once, still remains?

Take me away,
Journey me to  the corners of the earth.

Oh fresh air,
So much worth.

Fields of dandelion wishes,
Waves of meadows, elixir arise.

Darkness scented,
Late love recalled.

Take me back fresh air,
Take me back.

© C Webber 2017



Gathering his thoughts he stood on the sea wall gazing into the ocean.

The same time every year, this is where he came. 

This ocean into which he gazed was such a powerful force, depths so deep, a mystery in part.

This ocean was what seperated him from his one and only daughter.

Not to a different land but it was this ocean that took her life.

Swallowed into the depths never to be found. 

A tear ran the length of his face, he loved her with all of his broken heart.

But one comfort he took, was whispering in the wind, he could hear her voice….she spoke….

“I love you Daddy” x
© C Webber 2017

His gifting


Now and again he caught a glimpse of something not quite real,
A vision of things not open to all, but something he could also feel.

From a young age he knew he was different, but not in a way that was the best,
He never did fit in with the crowd, or go along with the rest.

A sensitive soul, emotions ran wild, but not externally for all to see,
Feelings transfered and compassion was offered but still he could not be.

Acceptance he wanted but never did gain, outcast as long as he would live,
A waste of a gift, god given he felt, to others he just wanted to give.

There was something more, on this earth he could see, but his efforts they just kept on failing,
Drained of his life, he gave up hope, his coffin lid they just kept on nailing.

© C Webber 2017

The shadow dancers


Gifted was a word people used to describe her,
But little did they know about this chosen outsider.

Since the day she entered this earthly 2d plain,
Her eyes could see what normal people couldn’t begin to explain.

She called them shadow dancers that usually only came out when it was dark,
Souls caught between times, still trying to make their mark.

She could see them all but not all were nice to behold,
Evil battled good in this realm so she told.

The night it spoke and brought frightful tears,
Trapped in this nothingness for endless amounts of years.

To her it brought hope, of a life after death,
Just praying the gates of heaven are open and she is not left wandering once taken her final breath.

© C Webber 2017