Butter legs?


Stricken with a curse, her legs were made of butter,
given by a witch doctor, by george he was a nutter.

This one beautiful young gal, she was a damsel in distress,
she tried to cover her embarrassing butter legs, with a long flowing flowery dress.

But one hot summer day, some melted butter caused her to shudder,
her legs were gone, a puddle on the floor, could her life be more cruder?

Along came a dairy expert and made her melted legs a new,
now the damsel able to walk, and wasn’t feeling so down and blue.

So she marched on forward with a shout of defiance and the smell of victory in the air,
her legs made of butter by the witch doctor nutter, but now she really did not care.

 © C Webber 2017

Dawn chorus……of Ants?


Mountain ranges made out of cheese,

Helicopter liquorice and cola bread please.
Cars with wagon wheels and windshields for dodging the thorn’s,

Googlepike sausage drivers beeping the horns.
Dawn chorus of ants, their playing the drums.

Boxers with nappies, protecting their bums.
Foxtrot ingredients baked into a cake,

It will make you dance all night if one piece you will take.
Shoe in the stew, and fish, is it sole?

Galloping ginger cows,  fall in a hole.

Sapphire Seas bring dogs to their knees, silver sharks walk and rugby playing Bumblebees.
© C Webber 2017

Three blind mice – the prequel 


A new movement had been formed and it was called the Miceis group,

Fed up of traps and cheese left to entice,

Humans protecting their homes,

To the mice they weren’t very nice.
So one day, fed up of their treatment the mice held a meeting,

A meeting to transform their lives,

It involved discussions of revenge and mutiny,

Against these humans, only the best would survive.
The Miceis group drew up their plans,

 with weapons of mass destruction,

The finest laid human traps,

But one pearl was top of their construction.
It would be a dish, that humans couldn’t resist,

Pumpkin pie, that was laden with explosives.

So, they set upon the creation of this evil dish,

Laden with pumpkin and some bad ass additives.
But unfortunately as the three set the task, neared completion,

Something happened and they don’t know why,

The pumpkin pie exploded,

And hit all three in the eye.
So, their plot was ended,

No longer the Miceis regime gave any resistance,

This is where the 3 blind mice,

Came into existence.
© C Webber 2017

Whimsical words of wonder


The fateful pursuit of the pen led me to

whimsical words of wonder,
with a soul so dark and a spirit of rumbling thunder.

I longed for a light at the end of the tunnel,

But my being was being pressed through a different shaped funnel.
Words of every flavor adorned my written page,

But still I could not contain this burning internal rage.
Through the tilted door and beyond the beyond,

I could see a point that I felt like I no longer belonged. 
Buckets of wishes were placed on my life,

But at the end of the beginning came more trouble, more strife.
So now I choose to free my soul to flow,

With Balmy breezes and a fragrant rainbow.

© C Webber 2017