Monster Awakens


The monster awakens 

His voice grumbling from afar….

Lighting up the sky with his glow bugs kept in a jar.
Closer he comes his voice getting more deep,

Anger raging, under my bed I think I will sleep.
My pillow now adorns my head,

The monster grows louder, he has something he wants to be said.
Another flash I start to count 1, 2, 3,

Oh no he seems to be right over me.
The rain it pelts against my window as if the monster is knocking,

His voice shaking the house, the doors I am locking!
Soon his voice it starts to fade,

Knocking stops and the lights no longer cascade.
I can now remove myself from under my bed,

Get back under my covers as it is more comfortable it has to be said.
The monster has gone, but one day he shall come back,

But I will be prepared, I will no longer hide and my nerves will not crack.

© C Webber 2017