Warm Summer Sun


Lie under the warm summer sun, in the middle of a field on a soft cotton blanket. Nothing around, no sound to be heard. Only the gentle breeze as it rolls over my body, ruffling my hair as it passes. Looking straight up into the clear blue sky, with only the odd white fluffy cloud passing. The fresh air fills my lungs and lifts my spirit, as my soul relaxes and becomes one with the earth that I lie upon. Every stress and worry lifts out of me and evaporates into a nothingness. Her hand gently places into mine and the spark ignites the love that can only be true…..
© C Webber 2017

Summer Fun


Can you remember this,

Your first summer kiss

Bleached in sunshine bliss

Warmth not to be missed
School summer holidays

Frolicking in delight

Direct sunshine hit

Ice cream what a sight
Carefree Summer days

Not a problem in sight

Friends easy going

Water fun filled fight
Late Summer nights

Sat talking until late  

Beers chilled and flowing

Laughing and best mate
Summer romance

Flirting was so fun

Touching and tickling

Aphrodisiac sun
Autumn comes

Beautiful in sight

Leaves dropping delight

Summer gone over night 
Do you remember your last summer like this?
© C Webber 2017