Gathering his thoughts he stood on the sea wall gazing into the ocean.

The same time every year, this is where he came. 

This ocean into which he gazed was such a powerful force, depths so deep, a mystery in part.

This ocean was what seperated him from his one and only daughter.

Not to a different land but it was this ocean that took her life.

Swallowed into the depths never to be found. 

A tear ran the length of his face, he loved her with all of his broken heart.

But one comfort he took, was whispering in the wind, he could hear her voice….she spoke….

“I love you Daddy” x
© C Webber 2017



Droplets of glitter filled rain swept through the forgotten town.
Lost in time, bouncing off the old neglected buildings, rushing off the roofs creating a spectacular  water gown.
Drains unable to cope with the downpour, lift with the incredible force.

Dark clouds surround creating the very source.
Animals scurry in such a hurry , diving under abandoned vehicles for cover.

If we looked beyond the faces of the buildings I wonder what we would discover.
Tales of years gone by, no longer inhabitated.

The question is why?
Children’s clothes and toys left too,

In a rush to leave, what caused this exodus, over head a vulture flew.
Some bones left scattered the last remnants of life,

Will we ever know why there was blood on the knife.

© C Webber 2017

Tooth Fairy 


Please be seated as this story may astound you…….

Sitting comfortably?

Then I shall begin…..

My son who is now the grand old age of 11 lost another baby tooth on Sunday…

Now I had to explain to him that at the old age of 11 the tooth fairy no longer visits.

He brushed this off with a pure desire for the £2 that a tooth now fetches in these parts.

“It’s worth £2!”, he insisted and continued his defiance by wrapping his bloody tooth in tissue.

He passed it to me for safe keeping, ready for the placement under his pillow, the place for the deal between child and tooth fairy.

Unbelievably the deal was forgotten and the tooth left in the pocket of my jeans.

The next morning whilst getting ready for the day ahead, I slipped on my jeans and placed my hand in my pocket…

To my surprise a found a number of coins which I removed and placed on the side.

I then reached deeper to find the tissue containing my sons lost tooth…

But what happened next shocked me….

I shouted to my son that he had forgotten about his tooth and he came into the room.

But as I opened the folded tissue I found no tooth! Confused I checked it again, and then again…but no tooth…but then I noticed something else….the coins I had removed from my pocket…

2 new…..shiny…..pound coins!!!

I couldn’t work it out?? I checked the tissue again….I checked my pocket….nothing!

My son thought it was great and whisked off his £2 haul to put in his money pot…

So for those of you who don’t believe….

This is a true story….

The tooth fairy lives on….

The Night Shift #scarystuff


I work 12 hour night shifts in an old world war 2 aircraft hangar.

There have been many spooky experiences had by employees over the years.

Items being thrown from no where, tools disappearing etc etc.

Stories from down the years consist of aircraft crashes and decapitated pilots haunting the site.

I had never experienced anything until last night. I was behind my machine repairing a few things when something caught my eye….

Now here is a warning…..I managed to capture what I saw in a photo, that I have posted below.

So if your of a timid nature look away now…

Calfee – the phone addict



Calfee’s phone obsession was out of control,

Facebooking and texting even when out for a stroll.


Until one day off the pavement she stepped,

face in her phone, her body and a lorry unfortunately met.


Her life had been shortened by this act of contempt,

for this is becoming the norm, not one person is exempt.

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© C Webber 2017




A Kithorn can be heard for miles and miles,

a mouth the size of a beach ball and daggers for smiles.


No matter the situation or place, the level is the same,

full blast, 1000 decibels, it will send you insane.


Don’t be thinking that you will get to talk with a Kithorn about,

not even if you try your loudest and scream and shout.


Centre of attention is where it likes to be best,

you’ll be praying to god it would just give it a rest.


So if you’re ever unfortunate enough to encounter a Kithorn,

remember your earplugs or you will wish you had never been born.



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© C Webber 2017