Loving you


Your silky smooth skin,

Can I touch it, can I feel the warmth from within.
Let my fingertips trace every curve of your being,

I can see you whole, without really seeing.
Let me smell your sweet sweet aroma,

Taste your taste, rise my senses from its coma.
Let these needy butterflies fly,

I can see your pure soul by gazing straight into your eye.
My heart picks up pace, in this competition of love race,

Beauty from within, written all over your stunning face.

Emotions abound soon placed on trial,

Caught in the wonder, of this earthly denial.
But nothing can stop true love and it’s ever winding course,

Stay on this track to find out the truth and its  source.
© C Webber 2017

Words of Death


The words permeated his body.
Smothering every vibrant organ in a body once 



Squeezing tight until no more life giving oxygen could flow.
Turning black and rotten, his mind glazed and abandoned from



Not a moment of compassion to fall from the darkness 



Grasping and gasping he gulps on his last breath.
Comfort absorbs in the perpetual death.
© C Webber 2017

Saturday Sadness….Sorry


Contained in my heart with a bitterness to fall apart.

The constant rain, not to nourish the barron ground.
Relentless in its presence, drowning the last blooming flower.
Petals float on the surface, forgotten, left to perish.
Raindrops fall from the now creased face of hope.
Numb in wonder, Numb in fast forward.
Unable to clear the misty view, pleasures are few, life hard to chew.
Disjointed, belief, turn which way?
Chemical imbalance, gradual degrading, social decay, world view.
Tethered to a chariot of law, skin worn thin, bleeding to the blind.
Still my eyes look to blue hope, fingers crossed.
Just in transition or forever lost?
© C Webber 2017

No Post


Yesterday I did not post,

No one noticed, no one missed it most.
Should I carry on, would any one care?

Should I wallow in self pity, I don’t think i’d dare.
So here is today’s post right out of my head,

Forgetful me, remember to post next time before heading to bed!! 😉

Warm Summer Sun


Lie under the warm summer sun, in the middle of a field on a soft cotton blanket. Nothing around, no sound to be heard. Only the gentle breeze as it rolls over my body, ruffling my hair as it passes. Looking straight up into the clear blue sky, with only the odd white fluffy cloud passing. The fresh air fills my lungs and lifts my spirit, as my soul relaxes and becomes one with the earth that I lie upon. Every stress and worry lifts out of me and evaporates into a nothingness. Her hand gently places into mine and the spark ignites the love that can only be true…..
© C Webber 2017

Little Soul


Once upon a time there lived a happy little soul.

Tulips were her favourite flowers. Red ones, Yellow ones she didn’t mind, she loved them all.

Freely she would wander. Exploring every inch of what surrounded her.
For she was an outdoor spirit,  freed by the fresh air that filled her lungs.

Five years of age, the world was her oyster. Not a care to be had.

Six months she was given. No more talk, all forgiven.

Seven visits in just a week, so weak.

Hate to see her, I can’t stand to be helpless.

Nine minutes, it took to say.

Tenant of heaven now she resides, gone to stay.

*I started this poem trying to use the numbers 1 to 10. I never expected it to contain the story it has finished up with.

© C Webber 2017