Dandelion wishes….


Fresh air cleanse my soul,
Fill my intoxicated lungs a new.

Close my eyes with past aromas,
Smile adorns, oh fresh air.

Bring me back to life,
A sniff of me, once, still remains?

Take me away,
Journey me to  the corners of the earth.

Oh fresh air,
So much worth.

Fields of dandelion wishes,
Waves of meadows, elixir arise.

Darkness scented,
Late love recalled.

Take me back fresh air,
Take me back.

© C Webber 2017

Aroma of times past




A smell of reminiscence enlightens your sleeping senses

Cut grass of times past

Soul lifting thoughts that your memories cast

A flashing moment, injection of feeling as your body tenses


Lifting your soul yet reducing the years gone by

The aroma of mornings fresh with dew filled air

Adolescent murmur’s in that moment there is no care

“Why do we grow up, why oh why?”


The pleasure of freedom no adult induced pain

Kicking through leaves, mudded shirt sleeves

Laughter and folly all over again


A powerful feeling that embraces your heightened spirit

The moment of time ago but it’s now that’s a shame

Thought evoking senses that revisit without limit

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© C Webber 2017