The Promise


She pulled on his emotional strings like no other, the promise of delicious delights heightened his senses into a pulsating rage.
The end of the shift drew close, he could already smell the sweet love and taste the beautiful elixir that awaited him so.
The drive home lasted a lifetime, heart racing faster the car he was driving.

As he entered the promise, as before, the promise had been desolved leaving the pain of frustration emulating from his sorry soul.

© C Webber 2017

Loving you


Your silky smooth skin,

Can I touch it, can I feel the warmth from within.
Let my fingertips trace every curve of your being,

I can see you whole, without really seeing.
Let me smell your sweet sweet aroma,

Taste your taste, rise my senses from its coma.
Let these needy butterflies fly,

I can see your pure soul by gazing straight into your eye.
My heart picks up pace, in this competition of love race,

Beauty from within, written all over your stunning face.

Emotions abound soon placed on trial,

Caught in the wonder, of this earthly denial.
But nothing can stop true love and it’s ever winding course,

Stay on this track to find out the truth and its  source.
© C Webber 2017

Warm Summer Sun


Lie under the warm summer sun, in the middle of a field on a soft cotton blanket. Nothing around, no sound to be heard. Only the gentle breeze as it rolls over my body, ruffling my hair as it passes. Looking straight up into the clear blue sky, with only the odd white fluffy cloud passing. The fresh air fills my lungs and lifts my spirit, as my soul relaxes and becomes one with the earth that I lie upon. Every stress and worry lifts out of me and evaporates into a nothingness. Her hand gently places into mine and the spark ignites the love that can only be true…..
© C Webber 2017

It’s not just about me


I constantly battle with myself over all issues in life. I jump to conclusions over every situation and guess come up with the wrong answer.

I apologise now if I don’t get this across properly but hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to say.

From a young age I found myself to be quite a timid soul. Wrapped in cotton wool by my mother smothered me slightly and left me wanting in the area of confidence.

As I grew I gained a love for pleasing people and it gave me such warmth to do so. I would do jobs for neighbours and comfort the lonely girl on the school bus as she was bullied.

But now I have reached a grander age I see people differently. Being a Christian I struggle with the self centered people who park their behinds on chairs in my church.

It has really got to me lately and has been eating away at my soul. 

Today though I have had a little revelation.

It’s me who has the issue not them, it’s my insecurity that has fed these feelings.


So I have been given an opportunity to return to that young caring soul that used to love and laugh….it’s a choice…and I’m taking it with both hands and running to the ends of the world with it.

Thanks for listening, I hope you can gain something from this.

Much love Carl.



Compression led to depression

Oppression led to submission 

Radicalisation led to surrealism 

Terrorism led to barbarism

affliction led to affection

Be led to love

© C Webber 2017

Hundred year old house


2017-03-29 13.56.54


In my hundred year old house with its hundred year old walls,

it’s time for renovation as modernisation calls.


Layers of paper hide defects unknown,

paint and filler make a collage of walls with plaster all blown.


As we strip each covering away,

I wonder what things it saw and what tales it could say.


Stories of love, birth or death,

times of great happiness or someone’s last dying breath.


Centuries of change, still standing after two world wars,

people’s daily lives captured, eating food or doing chores.


A layer of flowers then stripes and plain paper with scraping revealed,

decades of conversation revealed.


I so wish they could speak, as the history of my hundred year old house I seek.