Words of Death


The words permeated his body.
Smothering every vibrant organ in a body once 



Squeezing tight until no more life giving oxygen could flow.
Turning black and rotten, his mind glazed and abandoned from



Not a moment of compassion to fall from the darkness 



Grasping and gasping he gulps on his last breath.
Comfort absorbs in the perpetual death.
© C Webber 2017

Toxins of life


I just can’t seem to handle all of life’s random crap,

Like the pain inflicted by others and the manager who thinks he’s all that.
I just want to be happy and smile everyday,

Yet people falter and just get in the way.
Do I retract and just become a recluse,

Or with the build up of anger, just open up and let loose.
Either way I feel in a vicious circle of life,

Consumed by the toxins in so much strife.

© C Webber 2017

Is it a sham?


Swallow my hope, desires and dreams.
Pretend to care, but open my soul to screams.

Pass all your faults on to my weak withered spirit.
Confined to a darkened shell, shattered and broken when you are done with it.
Raking around in the dirt on my knees,
Bloodied are my hands, no words can appease.
Just release my spirit let it be the light that once shone,

Out of this torment allow a heavenly song.
Let the angels dance and pull me up to my feet,

Eyes fixed firmly on my saviours seat.
I long to be the strong man that I can,

Time will only tell if this life was just a sham.
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© C Webber 2017