Morning Elixir


Misty mornings, cloud up my opening part,
I need a caffeine filled beverage to give my heart a jump start.

So I flick on the kettle whilst rubbing my eyes,
get out a mug, a spoon, ready to baptise.

A spoon full of elixir enters my cup,
2 sweet sugars and milk to enhance, boiling water fill it up.

Give it a stir, as my senses do too,
this smell from heaven, is this what the gods do?

So I sip up my drink and awaken my soul,
a coffee before anything, my life giving goal.

© C Webber 2017

The white lady


Today whilst visiting my most favourite coffee establishment *coughs* Costa….

I was visited by a white lady in my flat white…..

Now I would like to tell you that the skill of the barista was such that he did the fabulous picture on purpose,  alas he was very new to the job.

So instead of the mandatory leaf I got a visit from a white lady….

The coffee was still great though, but the white lady vanished when I applied my sugar, perhaps she was on a diet??

Well have a great day.