His fate


Quiet in demenour his heart was pure,
Soft and gentle, would be a great father for sure.

Their love grew strong and one day they wed,
Intent on fulfilling the vows that they had said.

The next few years were fun as the honeymoon lived on,
Partnership of love, never faltered and grew strong.

Until this day when time stopped still,
news like no other a terrible blow.

Surely it wasn’t,  please God no!

The doctor confirmed and he was given a date,
She sank into oblivion as she realised his fate.

The years had been special, but these months much more so,
Memories of life they decided to sow.

They went too quick and on his final day,
God left a message before he took him away.

A child for the father who was soon to leave,

A softening goodbye, tears wiped on the sleave.

© C Webber 2017


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