Bike, rainbow pike and me


I went on a voyage today just me and my bike.

In my bag, a can of silver spray paint and a rainbow coloured pike.
I rode into the forest and painted the trees,

shrubs made of topaz, scraped my knobbly knees.
I Found a red squirrel with whom I had a dance.

As I rode away, the silvery leaves shimmered in the distance.
I rode into the river and let the rainbow pike swim,

I painted all the lily’s, played cards with frogs and of course I did win.
I stumbled across a horse whose shoes had been stained black,

I got out my silver spray paint and gave them their shiny back.
I rode across the sea, on my bike to a different country,

Just the rainbow pike, my bike and me.
I couldn’t understand a word these people said,

So, I painted them all silver and gave my pike bread, instead.
Back over the sea came my pike and me,

But my bike got a puncture and the pike got a flea.
So, we swam the rest and we talked and we laughed,

Overhead flew a huge silver fish aircraft.
I love to go on journeys where ever it may be,

Bike, rainbow coloured pike and me.
© C Webber 2017


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