The Tempest


Her calm was unnerving as she sat there in silence,

motionless and expressionless not a hint of exuding violence.
She slowly raised her head from the floor at which she gazed,

Eyes translucent, a look that was almost crazed.
It makes your hairs stand on end, not knowing the outcome,

What was coming next, I’m guaranteeing will not be much fun.
Suddenly the tempest, oh my it awoke,

obscenities flying, no need to provoke.
Like the wildest of storms, and hate in her eyes,

That little boy, he just stood there and he did cry.
A barrage of abuse for an accident so small,

this boy was wounded, by verbal abuse not a nasty violent fall.
His demenour was changed for the rest of his days,

Just because of this tempest and her vile temper and her evil ways 
© C Webber 2017


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