Happy Birthday 


Today is my birthday

Last year I turned 40. This was something that didn’t worry me what so ever.

Being young at heart I thought this Peter Pan would never grow old. Man I was in for a shock.

Last year was not a good one….but I could not and still can’t put my finger on why? This happy go lucky guy had disappeared.

Replaced by a grumpy old man, insistent on making his own life a bore. I lost all motivation in everything, all things annoyed me, everything angered me.

This was not me!! 

I tried everything to drag me out of my hole but nothing worked.

So today I turn 41. I’m hoping and praying that the stigma of being 40 now leaves me and I get to return to happy go lucky me.

This Peter Pan is here to stay…..*he says in a defiant voice*
So today I’m off to celebrate still being alive, no matter my age.

Perhaps you should all celebrate your lives too and do it everyday.

Blessings to you all,



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