It’s not just about me


I constantly battle with myself over all issues in life. I jump to conclusions over every situation and guess come up with the wrong answer.

I apologise now if I don’t get this across properly but hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to say.

From a young age I found myself to be quite a timid soul. Wrapped in cotton wool by my mother smothered me slightly and left me wanting in the area of confidence.

As I grew I gained a love for pleasing people and it gave me such warmth to do so. I would do jobs for neighbours and comfort the lonely girl on the school bus as she was bullied.

But now I have reached a grander age I see people differently. Being a Christian I struggle with the self centered people who park their behinds on chairs in my church.

It has really got to me lately and has been eating away at my soul. 

Today though I have had a little revelation.

It’s me who has the issue not them, it’s my insecurity that has fed these feelings.


So I have been given an opportunity to return to that young caring soul that used to love and laugh….it’s a choice…and I’m taking it with both hands and running to the ends of the world with it.

Thanks for listening, I hope you can gain something from this.

Much love Carl.


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