Nandos Heaven 


Today I am going to introduce you to my favourite meal of all time.

If I’m ever asked what my last meal would be if on death row, this is my answer.

I was introduced to the food outlet Nandos a couple of years back, by friends who had invited me to celebrate a birthday.

Now I’m a big lover of chicken, and it seemed a bit of a strange one that I hadn’t visited a Nandos before. But that first visit changed my life! 

Over the years I have adapted my meal choice, starting off with a 1/2 chicken with Chips. Then extending to 1/2 chicken, chips with spicy rice.

Along then came the addition of Nandos piri piri salt on the chips and adding the haloumi cheese (stunning stuff).

My choice now has settled with 4 chicken thighs, chips with piri piri salt, spicy rice and haloumi cheese….heaven.

Every birthday I am treated to this and a number of times in between I must add.

I would recommend Nandos to anyone, I have never had a bad meal at any of their restaurants and the service is fast.

Go treat yourselves…..


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