What is Charlie Puth on about??


Below is a link to Charlie Puth and his new song ‘Attention’

Now I’m no lyrical genius but what is this guy on about??
You’ve been runnin’ ’round, runnin’ ’round, runnin’ ’round
Throwin’ that turtle on my name

Throwing a turtle on my name?? What does that even mean? Don’t believe me? Check it out!!


8 thoughts on “What is Charlie Puth on about??

  1. So nobody’s ever thrown a turtle on your name… you must be unnapproachable. Whenever I go out in LA, I make sure that I have at least half a dozen turtles on me, just in case I want to get attention from a few second-rate singers. If there are no second-rate singers about, I pick on bloggers instead.

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