The most dangerous animal in the world #revelation


The other morning whilst out on a bike ride I had a powerful revelation.

All through my life I have been brought up to understand the animal kingdom and its hierarchy.

The lion for instance…

The king of the jungle, a huge powerful cat that could take down and kill almost any animal. 
I recently watched a documentary about an animal called the Honey Badger. A strange looking animal with poor eyesight, but hard as hell. These animals would take on any other predators including lions!! They are either very brave or very stupid.

 But as I said, on my ride I had a revelation, one I had never noticed but suddenly it became clear as day.

I suddenly realised what that the most dangerous animal on god’s earth was!! It was not the lion, or bullish rhino, not even the great white shark, it was………wait for it……….it was the……


I realised this as I past a squirrel flat on his back in the middle of the road, obviously hit by a motor vehicle and killed.

I then came across a badger (a normal one) lying at the side of the road, again been hit by a motor vehicle and killed.

But what does this have to do with a chicken I hear you say! Well what do these two animals have in common, along with hundreds and thousands of other road kill victims…

Well they were all obviously playing chicken!!

This in my eyes makes the mere chicken the most dangerous animal in the world…fiendish thing!! 
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© C Webber 2017


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