Cycling and drivers


I apologise in advance but this is a rant! On a Sunday too…sorry.

I am a keen cyclist and a curteous and rule abiding one at that.

Unfortunately though in the UK where I live, some drivers of motor vehicles seem to dislike cyclists. To a point of causing danger to me and my bike riding chums.

This again rose it’s ugly head yesterday whilst out for a ride with my friend.

We when possible cycle side by side. This is usually on a wide open road when it’s safe to do so. 

If the road narrows or we come to bends we always separate to single file.

But for some reason drivers think it’s acceptable to slam on their horns when we are riding two abreast. Obviously in disgust that we are doing so or breaking some rules.

If they took their time to read the highway code they would find that rule 66 states that it’s acceptable for cyclists to ride two abreast. In fact it’s easier for a vehicle to overtake cyclists at two abreast than if spread on the road in single file.

What also is dangerous is to slam on your horn at cyclists as this can cause them to be startled and move erratically on the road.

It takes seconds to wait and pass safely around a cyclist. Making sure that you pass at least a door width away from them….not close enough to pick his spare inner tube from his back pocket.

I have been knocked off and injured by a driver not paying attention before and it wasn’t pleasant.

So please please I beg of you….please take care whilst driving around cyclists.

Thanks, have a great Sunday. 


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