Sleep Twitch


It’s invaded my life without any warning or show,

Like a thief in the night or a white cat in snow.
Starting on occasion and without a notice or care,

is it a side effect like my aging grey hair.
My life upside down with trouble and worry,

is this a cause, should I find out and hurry?
Probably nothing, just a passing thing,

Like a cold winter flu or the sun in spring.
It’s waking me up and this worries me more,

Perhaps it’s something that I really should not ignore.
It’s invading my body and moving to parts,

Some say it’s where neurological problems starts.
Guess I should go and be covered by care,

my involuntary movement may drive me to despair.
*A couple of months ago I developed involuntary twitches in my hand (I wrote this poem then)

It worried me slightly as it didn’t seem to improve over a couple of weeks. 

I went to my GP who didn’t really show much interest and said if it didn’t improve to go back. A couple of months later my twitch seemed to have disapated.

I still randomly get a twitch now and again but nothing like before, like an old friend coming to say hello.
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© C Webber 2017


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