Calfee (the phone addict) finds her perfect husband


She has only gone and done it, she’s found the man of her dreams.

He is good looking with a slender body and a shimmering beautiful screen.
He makes all the right noises and doesn’t answer her back,

If she goes off course he can put her right back on track.
He swallows her soul into his amazing frontage,

Consumes her with his unrelenting knowledge.
She presses all his right buttons and he does as she wishes,

She puts all her attention on him, but as the flaws appear it starts when he won’t do the dishes.
When she feels upset or she starts to cry,

He won’t console her or even dry her eye.
When its love she craves and some loving arms to wrap around,

He cannot oblige and his battery dies, with a whimpering beeping sound.
But still Calfee persists with her technological husband,

Carrying on with her shallow life, real life is just pretend.


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