Disconnected from the world I roam,

Prefer not to be around others, just on my own.
Mind savaged and torn apart,

Eating at the good that still remains in my heart.
No where for redemption, no room at the inn.

No longer comfortable in my pale aging skin.
Some say it’s self pitying these feelings I hide,

if only was the case, this decay rotting my insides.
No one understands the pain that I feel,

Don’t think I do either, looks like my fate has been sealed.
Trying put up a front that people see,

Unfortunately the outside, not the real inner me.
Don’t know if I really care anymore,

Feels like my closest look at me and completely abhor.
So what so what do I do in my mind that’s so blue?

God do I wait for you to break through?
I really don’t know and it feels the end maybe close,

Unless a miracle happens and serves me a dose.

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© C Webber 2017


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