A Smile



A Smile

A smile can bring the brightest sunshine to the darkest of days.

Such a simple thing but with such a magical, mystical power with an overwhelming strength to produce the most supernatural results.

A lifting of the two corners of plump red lips, the opening of the windows to the soul beam rays of light to the darkest of souls, sparking a fire of warmth to a hardened black heart.

Someone on the brink of despair, life dragging them down below the surface of the worlds undulating line of acceptability, bobbing on the surface gasping for intakes of life evolving salvation, ever really thought what a passing smile can do??

It can bring hope to the suffocating tide of hurt that smashes against an eroding heart of that stranger you just passed in the street.

But in that single, never to return moment, captured in the book of random life game changers, springs an eternal hope that could save a crippled soul.

That smile blows on the tiny embers of life smouldering in their aching heart.

A heart ripped apart by a loss that you may never know, a passing smile can put the first stitch back into the tapestry of that unknown persons hope for a future disrupted by the absence of joy and happiness……


Who will you give a smile to today????………..

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© C Webber 2017


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