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Continuing my infamously popular food blogs, here is my next culinary delight.

Now this recipe has been handed down through the generations in my family,

so you peeps can count yourselves extremely privileged to be given access to this age old gem.

So get your aprons on, wash your hands here we go….

Super Noodles….

Now before you all  start pack your baking gear away in the very thought of the pure complexity of this menu buster…..let me take you through it….step by step…I have faith in you!!

Now make sure you have picked up Chicken Super Noodles, no other flavour will do!!

So we begin by opening the packet, be careful at this stage because there is always a few loose noodles floating about in there, they can end up anywhere in the kitchen if you’re not careful.

Next we remove the flavour packet from inside and place it to one side for later use.

Well done you’re doing well keep going!!

Next we break the noodle block into pieces into a bowl, I suggest breaking the noodles down quite small as this allows better coverage of water…

No sprinkle the flavour pouch over the noodles…

Next we pour ½ pint of boiling water over the noodles, ensuring all noodles are covered (this is very important)

Place bowl into microwave and cook for 5 ½ minutes. Stirring half way through.

Once time has elapsed, check noodles. There should be no water remaining.

If there is put in microwave for another minute, or until noodles are sticky.

Remove and enjoy with a fork, or if you’re feeling oriental, chop sticks….



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