Bought for a price based on looks and on comfort,

Placing my behind on many the ideal I did sought.


Leather and fabric; scatter or fixed,

Cushions and covers or maybe a mix.


Salesmen pushing, it’s the commission that they seek,

Trying their best patter and flattering speak.


I will not be rushed though as this choice is not small,

Not a small item to be discarded in a hall.


I finally plump for the one I like best,

Best looking and price, make it stick out from the rest.


So to my old sofa, I thank you for the years of service you provided,

You did me well, but now our touch is to be divided.


With your broken springs and worn out fabric your age has started showing,

Your once hardy leather is thin and weary and has now ceased in glowing.


So my choice is now made and so you must vacate,

My old comfy sofa, my trusty bottom nestling mate.


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© C Webber 2017


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