‘Peng’ is the word



Continuing my trip into the realms of uncoolness, today we are looking at the word peng.


I discovered this word when my children were having a discussion about youtubers.

Now I’m not far enough into adult old age to not know of the existence of these youtube folk and their roles in today’s society. But what shocked me was the word that was expelled from the mouth of my 15 year old daughter whilst explaining a youtuber…PENG!

I sat there for a couple of seconds to try and stabilize my thoughts as my ears and mind battled in conflict wondering if either had got the wrong word.


Now was it pen? But why would someone be described as a writing tool?

The other end was the word Penguin? Shortened to peng because of the person’s cold demeanour or love of black and white suits?

Nothing made sense I just couldn’t decipher the logic behind such a word.

So being the uncool dad that I am I had to ask…

This was met with an exaggerated TUT and roll of the eyes in disgust. No explanation was given, thanks kids.

So as anything in else you require in life these days I reverted to the trusty Google search bar,

After all I can ask it anything without the risk of tuts, huffs or rolling of eyes.

Peng – Good looking person!

Straight away like a flash of revelation I realised why I had not come across this word before…..


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