Forest Frenzy


I turned left, the path looked familiar, running through the break in the forest foliage.

I ambled slowly trying to search my tired mind of any familiar sights, random rock formations or fallen tree branches…I couldn’t be sure.

The light was fading fast, I needed to find my way out, panic was starting to travel through my veins.

The amble turned to a jog, this turned into a run. Shadows cast figures in the passing trees, sounds echoed in my ears, scrambled by my erratic brain. There was no way out!

Suddenly I was stopped dead. My heart stopped beating, my lungs no longer drew breath to feed my frozen body…stood there…in front of me…in the dusk of the evening light…

A green 2 ½ foot Jelly Fish! Wibble Wobble.

2017-03-29 13.42.32


Happy April Fools day every one 🙂


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