‘Sick’ is the word



With the residence of two children between the ages of 11 and 15 in my humble abode, I find it extremely interesting the dialect that has evolved over the years.  Let me share with you a couple of the words that are in full fruition at the moment.

Today’s word is ‘SICK’

Now in my 40 year existence I was lead to believe this word was for illness or vomit.

Helen has been sick all over the nice new carpet.

Ben had been taken home sick from work.

In my eyes a word of horrible meaning.


So can you explain to me how it has now become a word to describe something that is good?

“Wow did you see that car? It was sick!”

“Mum that cake was sick! Thanks”


If I had told my mother that the cake she had taken all day to lovingly bake for me was “Sick” I don’t think she would have been best pleased.

It makes me chuckle the way these days they adapt words for use in other ways.

But be warned, it’s not ‘SICK’ for their 40 year old Dad to use the word ‘SICK’ in fact its proper cringey!! 🙂


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