Inward Looking Person




Have you ever met a person with their eyes the wrong way round?

I mean the kind whose outward judgment isn’t very sound.


Their inward looking ways can damage your brightest of days,

based on the things that he or she so often says.


On a personal vendetta to make themselves seen and to be heard,

it’s so selfish it’s beyond the upmost absurd.


But unfortunately I think it comes from a deeper issue inside,

an over adjustment to a low self confidence that somehow now resides.


To over think the problem puts them on a pedestal high above the rest,

trying to drag you down to cover their bitter unrest.


Will try and gain stature and mix with only the highest of highs,

and as you get demoted, will come as no real surprise.


Only the most expensive things this person will want and get,

turning their nose up, at the person whose money is frugally spent.


It’s hard to comprehend but the pain it causes is true,

the inward looking person, overlooking me and you.




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