Rear View Mirror


2017-03-23 19.46.15

Journeying alone along this long country road,

Mind all a wonder, remembering stories that have been told.


Music in the background, not even entering my head,

Sun starting to set, longing for my bed.


Miles continue passing but still much to go,

Might have to stop soon as my mind starts to slow.


A sign signals toilets and a welcome break that I can see,

Time for a tiddle, and a wake me up coffee.


Coffee now consumed, so my brain starts to again function,

An energy drink bought for further down the road consumption.


As I enter my car, now the sun has now set,

The darkness now changes the thoughts in my head.


When I left the car to fuel my tired mind,

Is there something now sat in the seats just behind?


Imagination starts whirling, scary images set in,

Ghosts, kidnappers or robbers now within?


Of course there is nothing sat looking at me,

Just take a peak in the rear view mirror and you will see!


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