All that I am



Intimacy I require,

In my every living hour.


Handed the written sword for my earthly battle,

Struggling to turn the pages, fed up with my small minded tattle.


Consumed with my view of the errors and ways of others,

Feeling like my enemies not my brothers.


I can’t straighten my mind, confused, angry and insane.

Passing on to others my issues and wreak less blame.


Clouded response to every question asked and situation faced,

Heart empty, my saviour misplaced.


Liberty shackled, oppression on my spirit retained,

No light in my soul, darkness maintained.


I’m looking up but my clouded eyes cannot see,

A veil of black covering me.


I pray for clarity and full sight of the light,

But my heart feels empty, no longer up for the fight.


I apologise with all that’s left of me,

My broken spirit on display for all to see.




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